Tuesday, January 12, 2016

vCenter Appliance SSH Commands (Not Shell)

I finally got around to playing with VSAN (thank you @PunchingClouds. When I grow up, I want to be like you) and ran into a problem (which I’m still trying to resolve. I think I found the solution just need to read up on Windows AD and NTP stuff) that had me check the time and NTP configuration in vCenter 6.  My first instinct was to go in the vSphere Web Client and look for the time. Well, let me just say that after going to every tab I didn’t find it.

Then I thought, “oh, I’ll just go look in the VAMI in vCenter (port 5480)” ß I thought the port 5480 without the parenthesis J. But I don’t have vCenter 6 U1. And I’m not sure if I would’ve found there either anyway.  So, off to the CLI.

When you ssh into vCenter Appliance, and entering credentials, you are greeted by this prompt:

Not much information but if you double tab, you would be asked if you wan the list of all commands available (100 of them). If you say yes, you would encounter this command that gives you the system time (hallelujah):

You can either type the entire command to get this (while using tab to autocomplete):

Or be smart (or lazy depending on your mindset) and type just the stuff after vesion1, like this:

While we are at it, a series of commands of more value might be setting up the NTP client and adding a NTP Server. Below are the commands you would need to execute to get that going for you:

Elver’s Opinion: There has to be an easier way to see vCenter’s system time. I’ll update this post when I find out.


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